A Proposal (Part 2)

fullsizeoutput_47f4fullsizeoutput_47eePicking up where we left off…..

Rourke and I scrambled with the last minute details, like the hors d’oeuvres and icing down the drinks.  And, then we said to each other, “Let’s just relax and have fun!”

Taking a few pre-party pics like above with Hayley and Chris, we anxiously awaited the festivities.fullsizeoutput_47fa

Tyler’s parents and sister’s family soon arrived.  We said our welcomes and got to lighting candles and planning our surprise for after the proposal on the patio. DSC_0958DSC_0961

(Above:  Tyler’s sister making sure Erin had enough room to kneel down).

Thank goodness, Tyler’s mom could track their phone to see where they were….BIG HELP!! And, Erin called to see “if we needed anything?” (Hint hint)

That was our cue to hide until the “big moment!”

As we heard them drive up, we took our places and waited.  Hayley’s place was the patio to get some good pics. (See below)DSC_0964DSC_0965DSC_0967DSC_0969Not a dry eye in the house, I tell you!

They entered the house with Tyler being surprised with her family there to celebrate.fullsizeoutput_4800fullsizeoutput_4802fullsizeoutput_4805fullsizeoutput_4811fullsizeoutput_4808So sweet! So glad we all got to celebrate the joyous occasion together!fullsizeoutput_4810DSC_0993DSC_0995DSC_1000

Now, we can’t wait for the “The Big Day!”



HNOTD:  Scorched Australia Is Getting Power Back Thanks Solar Grids Donated by Philanthropist


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