A Proposal (Part 1)


I guess you’ve seen on social media lately our family’s latest news…….Erin and Tyler are engaged!!!! We are so excited for them and can’t wait for this wedding adventure to begin!

But, when Erin called me about a month ago to ask me if he could propose at our home, I was quite skeptical (seemingly calm on the outside, but screaming expletives loudly on the inside).  Don’t they have beautiful rooftop skyscrapers for this in Dallas?????

He insisted he wanted it here at home AND wanted to invite Tyler’s family to join in the celebration!!

So, I told Rourke to go to Memphis, I had work to do.  I put on my gloves and started cleaning and planning with the help of Hayley and Instagram!!!

Let me just say….. our house has probably not been this clean since we moved in around 15 years ago! Yes!  I have been busy.

So, trying to be covert and doing this under the radar, without Tyler finding out, was quite the challenge.  When you have exciting news to share and you can’t, well, it is tough to hold in!!!

Hayley was so cute!  She was doing her best to have Tyler not arrive in sweats and a ponytail. She told her a story of us all going out to Superior Steakhouse the minute they arrived. And, miraculously, she had her nails done!!!

The plan was:  Tyler’s family would arrive around 6-7 Friday night.  Then Erin would propose on the patio.  They would come into the house, and we would surprise them with a little celebratory party.

We could not have asked for everything to go more beautifully!!!

I thought I would share my decorating the patio and the house.  And, then later share the night’s photos.

For the patio proposal: 

Lots of lights and candles!!!! (Yes and I had lots of help from Nola.)fullsizeoutput_479aIMG_8361IMG_8362IMG_8363IMG_8364IMG_8365IMG_8367IMG_8368IMG_8370IMG_8371

For the inside:

Lots of balloons and roses!!!

fullsizeoutput_478dfullsizeoutput_478ffullsizeoutput_4796fullsizeoutput_47a0fullsizeoutput_47a1fullsizeoutput_47a3fullsizeoutput_47a4fullsizeoutput_47a5fullsizeoutput_4799fullsizeoutput_4795fullsizeoutput_4793IMG_8330IMG_8322IMG_8323IMG_8325fullsizeoutput_4792Be looking for our celebratory party pics soon!

Details:  “She Said Yasss” Gold-foiled Balloons//“Happily Ever After” Cocktail Napkins//White Latex Balloons (100 ct.)//Gold Latex Balloons (100 ct.)//“She Said Yasss” Cups//6-7 Hour Tea Lights//White Paper Bags



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(An young boy, abused and unloved in the foster care system, gets adopted finally.  He has a love for underdogs, literally. Click to read and watch more of this heartwarming story.)


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