Lavish Libations Series: The Grammy’s and a Book Debut


We are back!  And, we’re toasting to The Grammy’s and a new book!  We are temporarily swapping out movies for music.

We have added the book,Booze and Vinyl, to our arsenal, and we are shaking things up…literally!  It’s a “Spirited Guide to Great Music and Good Drinks” by Andre’ and Tenaya Darlington.  They take albums from all genres and provide us with a thematic drink and sometimes munchies to enjoy while you listen.  fullsizeoutput_4759

It is a beautiful concoction of music and booze!fullsizeoutput_475dIMG_8242They even include tips on hosting your very own “Boozy Listening Party!”  It is the perfect accoutrement to your bar cart!IMG_8243In debuting our new book, we had to decide on an artist and drink……

Madonna or Motown????IMG_8247IMG_8246

But, when we turned to one of our favorites, Frank Sinatra, four-time Grammy winner, we knew we had our own winner!

*A little back story…..

When Rourke and I were dating, he would leave me unique voicemail messages on my answering machine daily.  What was unique you ask?

Well, he would SING to me a Frank Sinatra song…… EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I just couldn’t wait to get home to listen to what he sang that day.  #thosewerethedaysIMG_8248

So here goes…

Genre:  Vocal Jazz Pop.  Album:  In the Wee Small Hours.  Artist:  Frank Sinatra.  When to Spin:  Close dancing.  What To Wear:  Dressy. What to Drink:  A Manhattan.  Before You Drop the Needle:  Prepare to dance cheek-to-cheek.


The recipe calls for rye whiskey.  We decided to use Jack Daniel’s Rye Whiskey.  Jackie Gleason introduced Frank to Jack, and from then on, it became Frank’s drink of choice.

Also, the recipe calls for cherries for garnish.  We decided to use “boozy cherries!”  Soooo much better.



(makes 1 drink)

2 ounces of rye whiskey

1 ounce of sweet vermouth

2 dashes of angostura bitters


In an ice-filled shaker, add first three ingredients and shake well. Strain into a glass and garnish with cherries.

Hit play and enjoy!





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