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Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 8.22.39 PMYes!  That’s our clan New Year’s Eve 2019!  Ringing into 2020 brings lots of more changes in our little world here at the LL.

Let me update you……

Rourke is really upping his travel game and hitting the road a lot in 2020!  Erin is rocking it still at City Hall in Dallas.  And, Hayley has a new gig as the new Membership Director at Southern Trace Country Club in Shreveport.  YAY!

Now, for me….

First of all, I will be hitting the big 5-0 this year!!!!! (I’m actually okay with it… I think?!  Or, maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet?)

Secondly. I have been praying hard about what God wants from me.

At church, He still needs me teaching the children.  I thought I was totally retired from teaching children, but He is still calling me in that direction.

In fitness, I have been working on three new certifications.  That seems to be consuming me in-between teaching fitness classes.

And, God seems to be sending me less-intense classes my way.   I have been loving it, meeting new people and putting less stress on my joints.  I don’t mind telling you, I was really hurting a lot with all of the HIIT classes.  I have been teaching a lot more circuit, low-impact cardio and pilates-yoga-barre classes instead.  My body says,”Thank you!”

As for the blog, I have come to an overwhelming sense of indecisiveness.  I have been praying and writing pros and cons lists consistently.

While I love the blog, I have found that it can be expensive ( I have yet to make a dime btw) and time-consuming.  Plus, with my photographers, Rourke and Hayley, busy or out-of-town a lot, warranting perfect weather, photos are hard to come by.  Feeling also pressed for time in-between classes and certifications, I have come to a road block.

I am NOT giving the blog up…… No, but I have decided to cut back.  I am going to just let the blog be a little more organic, posting when I can.  You can’t imagine the weight just lifted off my shoulders as I type this.  

I love ya’ll and love the blog.  It’s my little baby and my creative outlet.  But, when my creative juices are being used elsewhere, I feel the blog suffers and I don’t get good content out to you.

I want this blog to be pleasant to read and pleasant to produce! So, please bear with me through all of this.  Hopefully, while in this little lull, I can have a reset and come back with a BANG!!!!

Thanks so much for reading!  I really do appreciate all of you!





“Jesus, looking at them, said, ‘With men it is impossible, but not with God, for all things are possible with God.'” -Mark 10:27

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