Cleaning Out 101


There is something about starting the year off by cleaning out and purging.  When I do this, I feel more productive, because I am not spending extra time trying to find things.  In turn, it makes me less anxious, because I am not running late for a class or appointment.

I have already started in the kitchen at our house, and WOW!  One cabinet in and I am a new person.

I thought I would share how I go about doing this in a post.  Here goes…….


A few ground rules first….

  1. Turn on some motivating music.
  2.  Tackle one area and one particular part of that area at a time.  (For example, maybe one cabinet in the kitchen.  Then move to another.)
  3. Take out everything and give the area a good cleaning.
  4. When putting things back, arrange things that you use often within reaching distance. (For example, salt and pepper on the counter and sugary sweets up on a high shelf.)
  5. Also, place things where you would normally use them.  (For example, spatulas and wooden spoons near the stove.  Knives near a workspace for cutting.)


  1.  Discard any food items past their due date.
  2. Store any items that might go rancid in the freezer, like flours and nuts.  Write dates on them.
  3. For cooking utensils, get rid of any that are broken or rusty.
  4. For pots and pans, same.
  5. Use organizing shelves and liners to save space.


  1.  Like food, discard any beauty items past their due date.  A good rule of thumb:  lipstick-2 years; blush, eyeshadow, powder-1 year; foundation-1 year; eyeliner-1 year; mascara-3 months.
  2. Also, discard anything you don’t wear anymore.
  3. Place small samples in a travel bag ready to go.
  4. Or, place samples in guest bathrooms for when guests arrive.


  1.  Discard of anything you have not worn in 2 years. Exceptions:  classics or vintage that are still in good shape.
  2. Discard of anything with stains, tears, etc.
  3. Discard anything that doesn’t fit just right.
  4. Use the same type hanger when putting things back.  This helps you see the clothes better.
  5. Also, put clothes back arranging them by color and type.  (For example, all jeans hung together, all black pants hung together, etc.)


Well, good luck cleaning out! If you have any cleaning out tips, please share with us!!!!!



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