Ways to Burn Extra Calories Every Day




We are all trying to burn more calories than we consume, right?  And sometimes, life gets in the way with that with obligations like meetings, baseball games, Bible studies, you name it!  Our time at the gym, at times, takes a backseat. But…….

Can’t make it to the gym today?  That’s okay.  I have got for you 15 little ways to burn calories all day like you went to the gym.


  1.  Park far away from your destinations.
  2. Take the stairs. If you can, take 2 steps at a time.
  3. Squeeze glutes and thighs while sitting at your desk or in your car at the red light.
  4. Squat to pick things/pets/kids up. (Plus it is better for your back.)
  5. Do sit-ups and squats while you watch t.v.  Do pushups and planks during commercials.
  6. Do lunges carrying the groceries/kids inside.
  7. Vacuum the house.
  8. Take the kids/dog for a walk.
  9. Have a dance party.  Turn on some fun music and just dance.
  10. Play chase with the kids/dog.
  11. Work in the yard….Mow the grass, rake, trim hedges, dig up something, etc..
  12. Waiting in a line, work on your abs.  Inhale and hold breath as you contract abdominal muscles.  Hold for 15 seconds, release and repeat.
  13. Carry your groceries, luggage, golf clubs, etc., instead of rolling them.
  14. Jog to get the mail.
  15. Walk during your lunch break.

Each activity adds up little by little, and before you know it, you have burned between 500-1500 calories, depending on the length of time you spend on the exercise.

Yes!  So don’t feel guilty for skipping your workout, just get it in throughout the day!




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