Hidden Gems of the SB


Welcome back to our series “Hidden Gems,” where we find unique spots around Shreveport-Bossier for you to visit.  We have some great ones for you today.

Come check it out!!IMG_6387.JPGIMG_6388The first stop is on King’s Highway in Shreveport at Nader’s Gallery.  Not only is Nader’s Gallery your custom-framing destination, but it is so, so much more!IMG_6337.JPGFamily-owned since 1969, Nader’s runs the gamut in design.  If you are looking to update your space at home, you can find it here.  They offer design services, art work of all kinds, accessories, and special gifts.IMG_6368.JPG IMG_6345.JPGIMG_6360.JPGIMG_6344.JPGIMG_6372.JPGIMG_6394.JPGIMG_6396.JPG

Edward Nader, one of the owner’s, is a man of many hats.  He is an artist.  Below are some of his pieces.IMG_6335.JPG

He is a furniture and accessories designer. (His designs are sold at Horchow and Neiman Marcus). See below.IMG_6352.JPGIMG_6351.JPGIMG_6326.JPGIMG_6331.JPG

He is a home designer and decorator.IMG_6398.JPGIMG_6399.JPGHe has a line of candles.fullsizeoutput_4422.jpegAnd a line of Bloody Mary Mix!IMG_6340.JPG

So if you are shopping for a unique gift, art of any kind, or a home update, big or small, you need to stop at Nader’s Gallery.

Right next door to Nader’s is another “Hidden Gem,”  The Levee Restaurant.IMG_6569.JPGIMG_6565.JPG

This farm-to-table restaurant and craft-cocktail bar uses locally-sourced meats and vegetables, some of which are grown and picked by their own hands. IMG_6626.JPG

Even most of the cocktails are made from liquor made in Louisiana.IMG_6605.JPGIMG_6609.JPG

The menu offers vegan and traditional items, looking aesthetically as beautiful as they taste.IMG_6593.JPG

IMG_6629.JPGIMG_6637.JPGIMG_6634.JPGThey have been opened for three years now, co-owned by Brandon Fail and John-Paul Young.  They built all of the furniture in the restaurant themselves, including this killer bar cart that I am coveting. IMG_6579.JPGIMG_6622.JPGIMG_6611.JPG

Hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday 5-11 p.m.  Sunday Brunch is from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.  And Music Night is Sunday night from 7-10 p.m., which includes an open mic.

So come check these guys out!

IMG_6449.JPGOur last “Gem” is across town on Jewella Avenue beside the Libbey Glass Factory at their outlet.IMG_6563.JPG

If you have never been or haven’t been in awhile, you need to go!  They have something for everybody, every holiday and every occasion but at UNBELIEVABLE PRICES!!!!

IMG_6453.JPGIMG_6454.JPGFootball fans look out!!!

Halloween…..got you covered!IMG_6518.JPGThat’s a pot holder.


Thanksgiving…..yep, got ya!IMG_6538.JPG

Christmas, uh huh! The wine scarf has blinking lights!  How cute is that!IMG_6503.JPGIMG_6551.JPG

Get this:  most tea towels are less than $2!!!!!IMG_6554.JPG

How cute would these aprons be for a cookie decorating party???IMG_6463.JPGIMG_6462.JPG

They have beautiful crystal drink ware.IMG_6467.JPGIMG_6470.JPGIMG_6472.JPG

They have bar ware of anything imaginable….IMG_6542.JPGIMG_6484.JPGIMG_6533.JPG

They have cooking utensils and accessories….

They have serving pieces….IMG_6527.JPGThis one is reversible.IMG_6528.JPGIMG_6558.JPGIMG_6498.JPGIMG_6483.JPGIMG_6482.JPGThey have dishes and flatware…IMG_6490.JPGIMG_6477.JPGIMG_6479.JPGThey even have a “Bargain Cellar”……IMG_6526.JPGThey also etch glass for any occasion…..IMG_6547.JPG

And, can I please reiterate how reasonably-priced everything is?????

So, go ahead and get a head start on your Christmas shopping now!!!!



HNOTD:  The Golden Band From Tiger Land Shares The Stage With Northwestern State Band For Louisiana’s State Anthem


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