Upcycled Pumpkins For Fall

fullsizeoutput_4420.jpegfullsizeoutput_441f.jpegDo you have a bunch of faux pumpkins in your fall decor arsenal?  I do!  I was getting it all down to decorate for the official start of fall this week, but I was not feeling it!  The same ole stuff I always use wasn’t speaking to me much.

So I decided to update a pumpkin or two with a new look!  It’s called “upcycling!”  It’s kind of recycling or reusing what you already have but making it look different.  It’s a big business actually.


I headed down to Hobby Lobby with my coupon and found this twine.  I grabbed a couple of rolls and stocked up on hot glue sticks.  I was ready for my next feat.

I heated up my glue gun and went to town.  I was originally going to cover the pumpkin in a snail-like pattern.  But, since this little pumpkin had grooves going down the sides, I decided to go vertical instead.IMG_6652.JPGI just ran some glue from top to bottom and carefully IMG_6655.JPGplaced the twine down the side and underneath where I trimmed it off.

I continued to do this, covering the whole pumpkin.IMG_6654.JPGIMG_6660.JPGWhen I finished covering the pumpkin, I made a circle with the twine at the top, near the stem and glued it to make it looker “neater.”

This took me about thirty minutes, eight large glue sticks and three spools of twine.

I had fun playing around with where I was going to decorate with it in the house.fullsizeoutput_4419.jpegfullsizeoutput_441b.jpegIMG_6664.JPGBut, I finally decided on a grouping at the dining room table.fullsizeoutput_4421.jpegfullsizeoutput_441d.jpegfullsizeoutput_441fI think next time I might try yarn!???

It was a quick, inexpensive way to update my decor!

Materials: Twine (on sale)//Glue gun//Glue sticks



HNOTD:  (Get your Kleenex out for this one.) Boy Enamored With American Flags Gets His Own Spot To View Its Beauty


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