My Main Squeeze


We always want to look our best, of course.  But, if we have a man on our arms, we want them to look nice, too.

We don’t want to be dressed nice and have our other half totally killing our vibe with jorts and an old ACDC t-shirt.  No, no, no!  It’s kind of like that old Sesame Street game “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other.” (#thisdatesmebigtime) We don’t want that!

So, in honor of Father’s Day, I am starting a new series here at the LL called “My Main Squeeze.”  I’ll put together some outfits for your man for different occasions.  My model will be the very handsome “Mr. Smith,”  my main squeeze.

For our first installment, we have a summer outing outfit.  Your man might wear this to an outdoor barbecue or picnic.  Or, maybe to an outdoor concert or festival.

Rourke is wearing here a nice v-neck tee, linen shorts, and leather Birkenstocks.  He has accessorized with a nicer cap, metal watch and sunglasses.IMG_4803.JPGIMG_4802.JPGIMG_4807.JPGIMG_4799.JPGIMG_4800.JPGfullsizeoutput_403f.jpegIMG_4771.JPGIMG_4772.JPGIMG_4786.JPGIMG_4787.JPG

Outfit details:  White tee//shorts (come in multiple colors)//sandals//similar if not the same sunglasses//baseball cap//watch

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What are you doing for Father’s Day?



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