Nola Goes On A Playdate

IMG_4638.JPGNola was recently invited to a group playdate. When we got the invite, we couldn’t have all been more ecstatic.  And, the best part was that all her playdates were also Westies!!!!

So we loaded up in the car, Nola hopping in her car seat.  I told her we were going on a playdate.  She replied with this look…IMG_4636.JPGI told her she was going to love it!!IMG_4653.JPGNola was the first guest to arrive.  She was greeted kindly by her host, Boo. (While we are on that subject, I’m giving you a heads up:  There will be a lot of noses to backsides in this post. ) Sniffing was done, and they were off to play.

IMG_4645.JPGBoo had planned the perfect get-together with cupcakes, snacks,”West-tea,” and “Pawty Favors.”IMG_4644.JPGIMG_4639.JPGIMG_4642.JPGIMG_4641.JPGIMG_4649.JPGSoon the other guests arrived, and everyone was excited to meet each other.IMG_4658.JPGIMG_4660.JPGIMG_4667.JPGIMG_4672.JPGMax even came with his hurt paw.  IMG_4668.JPGIMG_4669.JPGIMG_4663.JPGWe tried our darnedest to get a group pic, but it was simply impossible.  The pups were having too much fun.  Except for one little unnamed pup…..

I turned around about half-way into the party, and you-know-who was hiding under the chair.IMG_4674She was a little overstimulated, I think.

All-in-all, it was a grand time.  Hopefully, we can do another playdate again soon.



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