Hayley’s Apartment



A little tour of Hayley’s new apartment in downtown Shreveport…..

The building, originally a bank, was the first “skyscraper” built in Shreveport back in 1910. (More history here.)

Recently, the building has been through a total renovation but in keeping a lot of the history and Art Deco architecture in tact.IMG_4410.JPG

The lobby, housing the original elevator and mail slot.IMG_4413.JPGIMG_4412.JPGHere is a video of the apartment before she moved in.

Her kitchen is contemporary with clean lines and modern details.IMG_3607.JPGHer den is open with tall ceilings, a big window and exposed brick.IMG_4421.JPGIMG_4423.JPGIMG_4427.JPG

Her bedroom has the same tall ceilings, large window and exposed brick, too.IMG_4419.JPG

Her bathroom…..IMG_4431.JPGIMG_4432.JPG

Said window and exposed brick.IMG_4429.JPGIMG_4443

She has parking in the adjacent parking garage with security gates.  She also has security doors throughout the building opened using her personal scanning card.

Plans are in the works for the building to also house a convenient store, a gym, and a dog park.

Downtown has had a revival lately with new restaurants, two coffee shops, art galleries, a hair salon, bars, casinos and a movie theatre.

To top it off, she is just minutes from Festival Plaza, where the weekly farmer’s market takes place, as well as all the music and arts festivals.

It has been just perfect for her!



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