It’s National Pet Day!

IMG_3478  Happy National Pet Day ya’ll!  We all love our furry friends.  They make us happy.  They always love us unconditionally.  They are family!!!

Well, not only do we have Nola, but we also have the official “Feline Farm of South Shreveport” going on right here in our back yard.

Yes, we still have Ying and Yang but Ringo, as Rourke calls him/her, (yet to be determined) has joined the gang.  We are feeding three cats now!  I will try to get a picture of him/her when I can.  And, then there’s the capturing of him/her to get him/her spayed/neutered.  Life is always interesting around here.

IMG_3485.JPGThis is Ying. She is the more sociable of the three.  She’s really grown and turned out beautiful.  Nola likes to chase them ALL DAY LONG!  I think they are ready for her to go back to school permanently!IMG_3451.JPGRourke asked me to lay off the treats for Nola. He said she was starting to get fat.  This is a picture of her 2 days ago.  The next picture is of her after being groomed one day ago. She just has a lot of hair!IMG_3482.JPGThe latest on Nola….

She is obsessed with all of these cats.  Ying and Yang’s cousins? live next door.  She loves to wait and watch for them and then chase them.IMG_1463.JPGIMG_1464.JPGShe loves to fetch her ball.IMG_3457.JPGShe loves her car seat and sticking her head out of the window and letting her jowls shake!

She loves morning snuggles in Momma and Daddy’s bed. (The man said no dog would ever sleep in his bed.  Ha!)57477387176__965D1EC5-197D-4EE8-8098-1D2BB1D10478.JPGIMG_1392.JPGShe still loves going to school and participating with the children.  Like on Dr. Suess’ birthday and with our vocabulary vests!IMG_E1320fullsizeoutput_3dd1.jpegShe still loves having a cameo appearance on Patriot TV once a week.IMG_1426.JPGShe loves to travel to fun places. (To her namesake below.)

And, she has learned some new tricks.  She can sit, stay, come, drop the ball, and “circle-time sit” (seen below).fullsizeoutput_3de2.jpegAnd, what is that fluff all over the room, you ask?  Oh, she LOVES taking the stuffing out of dolls and stuffed animals.  We have made our house and classroom an official NO-FLUFF ZONE!

All-in-all, Nola and the felines live a pretty nice life.  We try to treat them well and make them feel loved as much as they love us.

Here are some interesting facts about your pets and National Pet Day.




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