Splurge or Steal Outfit: Easter Edit


If you missed my Splurge or Steal:  Fourth of July Edit, you can see it here.  I thought I would do one for Easter, Passover or Spring occasions if you are in the market!

I thought a ruffle white dress could be the foundation and then build around it with colorful accessories.  A white dress is a great closet staple, of course, for its versatility.  And colorful accessories can always mix well with denim, black or white later on.

Can you tell which is a splurge and which is a steal?

Let me know your guesses before clicking on the links.  (FYI one of these items is actually from Walmart!!!)

From left to right, top to bottom:  White dress (L)//White (R)//Colorful mule (L)//Colorful mule (R)//Straw bag (L)//Straw bag (R)//Statement earring (L)//Statement earring (R)



HNOTD:  Blind Golden Retriever Has Seeing Eye Puppy

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