How To Set Your Thanksgiving Table


You want to have a “Wow-factor” to your Thanksgiving table.  I have some simple tips to do just that!fullsizeoutput_3641.jpegFirst, decide on a color scheme.  You definitely need to do it around what dinnerware you already have.  I have decided on blue, orange and white this year.

I found this fun fabric at Hobby Lobby, on sale now.  I bought some peel&stick hemming tape to make my diy tablecloth.  (If you have never used this stuff, it is great for hems coming undone and quick-sew crafts.)

fullsizeoutput_3642.jpegSpread it on the table evenly.  fullsizeoutput_3643

Then add some flowers. fullsizeoutput_3645.jpeg

I chose white hydrangeas for this year’s dinner table because of their delicate feature and bright green leaves. fullsizeoutput_3644.jpegThen you need to add some fruit of some kind.  Try to use something seasonal if you can.  I chose small pumpkins.fullsizeoutput_3646.jpegThen you need to add some other objects to balance the color scheme.  You could use figurines, ribbon, china accent pieces, etc.  I chose to use some blue-patterned porcelain pieces.fullsizeoutput_3647.jpegNext add your plates.fullsizeoutput_3648.jpegfullsizeoutput_364a.jpegIt’s okay to mix-and-match patterns.  Here I am using a blue-trimmed dinner plate…..IMG_0951.JPGWith a different blue-patterned salad plate on top.fullsizeoutput_364c.jpeg Next you need to add your napkins and flatware.  Decide how you want your napkins folded, and if you want napkin rings or not.fullsizeoutput_364e.jpegfullsizeoutput_364f.jpegfullsizeoutput_3652fullsizeoutput_3650I decided against napkin rings and went with a simple fold of the napkins this time.fullsizeoutput_3655.jpegAdd your drink ware.fullsizeoutput_3654Finally, you need some place cards.  You can get as creative as you want.  I found these mini-faux gourds 80% off now at Hobby Lobby.fullsizeoutput_3656.jpegI added some thin blue, satin ribbon and some gold Sharpies.fullsizeoutput_3657.jpegfullsizeoutput_3658.jpegI wrote names on the gourds. fullsizeoutput_365aAnd tied some ribbon.  You can place your place cards anywhere near the place setting.  I chose on top of the plate here.fullsizeoutput_365c.jpegfullsizeoutput_365b.jpegAnd you’ve got a festive, simple table with a bit of “WOW!”fullsizeoutput_3659

Do you have fun ways to decorate your table?  Please do tell!



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