Our Class’ Pumpkin Entry

IMG_0759.JPGIMG_0758.JPGIMG_0752.JPGIMG_0753.JPGIMG_0754.JPGEvery year, our school participates in the local, annual Pumpkin Shine on Line.  It is a chance to enter in a very large pumpkin decorating contest.  The night of the viewing is packed with families walking along the park to see all of the entries.  School choirs sing, refreshments are served, and all enjoy a great time!

This year our school decided on a “clown theme.”  So, our class went for Ronald McDonald.  Later on we added a “Happy Meal,” too.

IMG_0482.JPGWe painted a large pumpkin all over with white acrylic paint.IMG_0483.JPGWe also painted a smaller pie pumpkin with tan acrylic paint.IMG_0485.JPGWe carefully hot-glued pumpkin seeds to the smaller pumpkin to represent sesame seeds on a bun. We also added a black ring of paint around the center to represent the patty.IMG_0486.JPGWe added “cheese” and “ketchup.”IMG_0527.JPGI had one of our parents save a “Happy Meal” box for us.IMG_0528.JPGFor Ronald, I drew his face and painted it in.  IMG_0529.JPG

We added a wig, stockings and shoes that one of our parents offered to purchase.IMG_0750.JPGFor the drink, we painted a butternut squash white and glued the McDonald’s “M” and drink top-straw to it.IMG_0751.JPGFor the French fries, I cut a sponge into strips and glued to fry box.  I wanted the smaller yellow squashes for the fries but was unable to find them.IMG_0754I hope we win!!



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