Fall Mailbox Delivered

IMG_0347.JPGHappy fall, ya’ll!

Our shared mailbox was needing some TLC x 10! It was rusty and had chips of paint missing.  So, I took things into my own hands and made a run to Home Depot, mission impossible song playing in my head.IMG_0339.JPGI wanted to give it not only a fresh coat of paint, but a fall feel, too.  Hey, why not?  (Is it really October, already, btw??)

IMG_0327.JPGHere are the before pics…IMG_0328.JPGSo I taped up the flags and numbers and went to spraying black spray paint.IMG_0329.JPGIMG_0330.JPGIMG_0331.JPGIMG_0332.JPGI used gloves so as not to mess up my Colorstreet Nails!  And, it took 2-3 coats of flat black Rustoleum paint+primer.IMG_0333.JPGIMG_0334.JPGIMG_0336.JPGWhile waiting for the paint to dry before peeling off the tape, I sprayed a circle on the grass to make a mini-bed.IMG_0338.JPGI proceeded to dig up the grass, shaking out any dirt I could into the area.IMG_0340.JPGI filled in the bed with topsoil.IMG_0341.JPGI then placed the plants, still in their pots, where I wanted to plant them.IMG_0342.JPGI dug individual holes in the dirt and placed each plant, covering with the topsoil around the roots.IMG_0343.JPGIMG_0344.JPGFor a little extra autumnal touch, I added some small pumpkins to boot!IMG_0346.JPGI can’t wait to go get the mail now!!!

Any fall touches you are adding around your home?  Would love for you to share!



P.S.  A little side note:

I was inspired by yesterday’s Gospel and homily.  It was about praising good works and how it pleases God.  The homily told us that good news does not sell, so media tends to always give us bad news.  Therefore, God wants us to be the “Good News” vessels.  So, with that in mind, I am going to strive to include one “happy news” article in each blog post.

Here’s the first one…..enjoy!  Firefighter Leaves His Own Wedding to Fight a Fire

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