Ways to Reuse Wine Bottles

IMG_9349.JPGRecently, Rourke and I discovered a really great rose’ wine!  When we opened it, we realized it did not have a cork, but a glass top.  We said we need to reuse this somehow.

We applied dish soap to the labels and soaked it in warm water. We also washed them well.  We continued to buy the rose’ since we loved it so much (and it happened to be on sale at WF).  So, now we have a collection.  IMG_8838.JPGIMG_8784.JPG

We thought and thought how we could reuse them, and here are few ways we came up with.


Two-Water BottlesIMG_9402.JPGIMG_9398.JPGIMG_9399.JPG

Three-Mimosa BarIMG_9382.JPGIMG_9383.JPGIMG_9384.JPGIMG_9385.JPGIMG_9386.JPGIMG_9388.JPGIMG_9390.JPGIMG_9391.JPGIMG_9394.JPG

Four-Monogrammed GiftIMG_9364.JPGIMG_9365.JPGIMG_9366IMG_9367.JPGIMG_9368.JPGIMG_9373.JPGIMG_9374.JPGIMG_9379.JPGIMG_9381.JPG

Do have any ways you reuse bottles?  I would love for you to share!!




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