Up-cycled Utensil Holder

IMG_8825.JPGIf you are having a party and need a fun utensil carrier, this one’s for you!

Take an unused drink holder and escalate its look with Washi-tape.  If you are unfamiliar with Washi-tape, it is an easy-to-use tape that tears easily and comes in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns.

If you are having a themed party, you could definitely scale it to fit your theme.  You could also bring to a family picnic and involve the kids to help decorate.IMG_8808.JPGIMG_8809.JPGI got this roll at Target for around $10 and had plenty left over afterwards for other projects or utensil holders.

IMG_8810.JPGI just started wrapping tape around the entire bottom third of the holder.  IMG_8811.JPGI then wrapped the tape around the top third.IMG_8812.JPGThen I wrapped around the top of the handle twice, cutting slits at either end to fold in.IMG_8814.JPGI covered the little center, upper area next.  IMG_8815.JPGThen I started filling in any “naked” areas with the thinner, pink-striped and black polka- dotted tape.IMG_8816.JPGIMG_8817.JPGIMG_8818.JPGIMG_8820.JPGThen I placed a small vase of flowers in one opening.  IMG_8822

And then filled with utensils and napkins.IMG_8823.JPGIMG_8824.JPGLike I said, you can get pretty creative with this with the Washi-tape choices.  Plus, you can use for other things besides utensils, such as condiments, water bottles, etc.

Happy partying!




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