Diamond In The Rough Chair

IMG_8768.JPGIMG_5583.JPGIMG_5584.JPGYeah, I know what you are thinking!  Let’s be positive, now….

FYI…This chair is a family heirloom from Rourke’s ancestors.  We can’t figure out how far back it goes, but let’s just say it is OLD!!!IMG_5585.JPGUsing gloves, a mask and KILZ spray, I put on a coat of KILZ on all of the wood surfaces.  This is in lieu of sanding.  I did this all in the grass, knowing the grass would be mowed soon.IMG_5589.JPGIMG_5588.JPGIMG_5591.JPGIMG_5590.JPGIMG_5596.JPGI then sprayed a layer of gold spray paint on top of the KILZ and let it dry.IMG_5628.JPGI sprayed about 10-12 inches away from the wood, so it would not form drips.IMG_5630.JPGI continued spraying several layers, allowing each layer to dry, until I was satisfied with the color.IMG_5633.JPGIMG_5631.JPGI then took the chair, along with my fabric to our local upholsterer.  He then had to basically rebuild the chair and cover it with fabric.  I love the new look!!!IMG_8772.JPGIMG_8774.JPG

It’s going to look great in the new guest room!!!




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