DIY Doormats Two Ways


I’ve always wanted an address or monogrammed door mat for the front door like here.  But cha-chang! And, then I saw a “Bon Jour/Au Revoir” doormat at a local boutique and thought “how cute!”So, I decided to save a few bucks and make my own.  I found both of these mats at Target.  The blank one is on clearance for only $2.98!!!  The other was only $10.99.IMG_6770.JPGIMG_6772.JPGI bought green spray paint, black spray paint (but ended up not using it), black acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and stencils.IMG_6773.JPGIMG_6774.JPGIMG_6776.JPGIMG_6777.JPGIMG_6778.JPGI started by taping off the blank mat just above the middle, using duct tape. IMG_6780.JPGI sprayed the larger half with green spray paint, applying 3 layers.IMG_6784.JPGWhile this was drying.  I started on the address mat.  I placed the numbers like I wanted them in the center of the mat.  Using a larger paintbrush, I dabbed the black acrylic paint into each number.  I then filled in the number completely.  I continued until all of the address was painted on.IMG_6788.JPGIMG_6789.JPGIMG_6791.JPGIMG_6792.JPGIMG_6793.JPGIMG_6794.JPGIMG_6796.JPGVoila!

Returning to the “Bon Jour/Au Revoir” mat, a sprayed 1 layer of green paint on the other half.  I allowed to dry.  FYI…I sprayed this in the grass, knowing it would be mowed sooner or later.IMG_6803.JPGI then placed the “Bon Jour” letters on the one side and dabbed black acrylic inside each letter. (Bon Jour means “hello” in French.)  I did not fill in the letters this time.  I liked the stenciled look!IMG_6804.JPGIMG_6805.JPGIMG_6807.JPGI then turned it around, so when you leave the house you see “Au Revoir,” which means good-bye in French.

I placed the letters on the darker green side a dabbed them in with paint again.IMG_6808.JPG

That’s it!! So easy and cheap!IMG_6809.JPGIMG_6810.JPGWhat do you think?? And, I only spent around $25!!!




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