Spring/Summer Planter Box

IMG_6384.JPGSo if you missed the fall edition of this little booger, you can check it out here.  I have been putting off filling him with spring and summer plants, because it has been unusually cold here this spring. I thought we were going through global warming??

Anyhoo, it has finally been above 70 degrees and feel it is pretty safe to start planting again.  I chose pentas, because the hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to these bright, starburst plants.  I love the chartreuse and plum potato vine to grow and drape down. I also think the height and colors in these variegated Brazilian Red Hots and pink polka dotted hypoestes add another dimension.

I already head the rosemary from the fall, and it is still thriving. (I like using the branches in the summer for skewers for shish kabobs on the grill.  They give the meat so much flavor.  You have to soak them in water though so they won’t burn.)

IMG_6376.JPGIMG_6378.JPGHere is the blank canvas.IMG_6380.JPGI like to place the plants before planting them to see how they will look.IMG_6381.JPGIMG_6382.JPGIMG_6383.JPGThen I just gingerly dig small holes and place each plant in.IMG_6384.JPG

I sprinkle some MiracleGro on them and water them religiously.  And, before you know  it, it takes off!

IMG_6385.JPGIMG_6387.JPGIMG_6388.JPGIMG_6392.JPGIMG_6393.JPGIMG_6395.JPGThis makes me so happy to see out my window growing and flourishing every day!  Hopefully, the hummingbirds and butterflies will enjoy it as much as I do, too!



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