Easter Around The House (To Be Continued…)


Wow!  We go from St. Patrick’s Day to Palm Sunday to Easter one weekend after another! Crazy!

I love Spring and all these holidays, but decorating for all of them, especially this year with Easter being so early, is challenging.

I thought I would share with you just a few things here and there that I did around the house to add the Easter feel.

As you can see above, I just put some faux colored eggs in a dish with some Easter-themed cocktail napkins on the coffee table in the den.fullsizeoutput_2217.jpeg

In the kitchen, I just placed some ceramic bunnies and faux carrots on the kitchen table.fullsizeoutput_2215.jpeg

In the dining room, I switched out shamrocks for Peeps!fullsizeoutput_2219.jpegfullsizeoutput_221a.jpegfullsizeoutput_221b.jpeg

In the foyer, I swapped out a plate for large plastic eggs, a bunny and a banner.fullsizeoutput_221c.jpegfullsizeoutput_221d.jpegOn the patio, I added some more large eggs, some more bunnies and a carrot!IMG_5236.JPGIMG_5238.JPGIMG_5239.JPGIMG_5240.JPGIMG_5241.JPG

This all took me about five minutes!

Have you transitioned from St. Pat’s to Easter? Or, were you smart and just decorated for only Easter?



Shop the looks, all on sale now:   Easter banner in foyer//eggs on coffee table//bunnies in planter box//eggs in foyer and in planter//similar white ceramic bunny here//and here//carrot bundle//similar bunny in foyer//chicks/Peeps//similar cocktail napkins//carrot planter stick, old


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