A Valentine’s-themed Bar Cart


Okay, GUILTY!!  Been hitting the Target Bargain Bin, AGAIN!!! But, I am also proud of myself and am reusing some items I already had on hand.  I also found some precious heart-shaped sticky notes at World Market.  I am planning to leave a note everyday hidden for my love to find.  Kinda fun, huh?  I also found the “Love Tokens” at World Market, too.  They are a great little addition for the sticky note!!

(I did maybe happen to leave a Sharpie next to the notes and informed R that these were here in case he wanted to leave me a little note!  :))

I had to of course include champagne!!!  We are celebrating love, aren’t we?

For Valentine’s Day, Rourke and I plan to dine at the new Shreveport Aquarium‘s restaurant Salt.  They have a Valentine’s Day prix fixe menu that includes admission into the aquarium.  I am really looking forward to this date night under the sea!IMG_4224.JPGIMG_4230.JPGIMG_4231.JPGIMG_4225.JPGIMG_4227.JPGIMG_4217.JPGIMG_4218.JPGIMG_4219.JPGIMG_4221.JPGIMG_4235.JPGIMG_4234.JPGIMG_4233.JPGIMG_4229.JPG

How do you and your loved one plan on spending Valentine’s Day?  What are some fun ways you surprise your loved one?

Would love to hear!



Cart details:  similar love tokens//similar heart-shaped sticky notes//similar light box//old gold x and o//old flamingo plates//love banner Target BB//cocktail napkins Target BB//similar champagne bell

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