Ways I Use Coconut Oil


I love coconut oil!  What can I say?  I use it on the inside and outside, and I thought I would share with you.  Benefits of using coconut oil here and here.

Inside Uses:

I saute my veggies in it when cooking.IMG_3662.JPGIMG_3664.JPG

I LOVE it on my baked sweet potatoes.fullsizeoutput_1e88.jpeg

Outside Uses:

I use it to remove eye makeup. I just rub over my eyes and wipe with a cotton ball or cotton swab.

I use it as a hair mask.

I use it as an all-over face and body moisturizer.  I love rubbing a good bit on my feet at night, cover them with socks, and let it do its magic while I sleep.  If you are using as a body moisturizer, I recommend warming it up with your hands to “melt” it.  Then make sure you rub into skin until it is completely absorbed.  You don’t want to get on your clothes.

I use it as a FACE AND HAND SCRUB.  See below.IMG_3686.JPGI add equal parts of sugar to equal parts of coconut oil and stir together.  This stuff is amazing!IMG_3689.JPGIMG_3692.JPGIMG_3693.JPGIMG_3694.JPGUse this with warm water.  It leaves a moisturizing film behind.

I also use as a CELLULITE TREATMENT.IMG_3687.JPGAdd equal parts of coffee to equal parts of coconut oil and stir together.  IMG_3690.JPGIMG_3691.JPGIMG_3695.JPGApply to affected area and scrub.  Rinse with warm water.IMG_3696.JPGIMG_3698  Rourke uses it with baking soda to brush his teeth and gums.

Are there other ways you use coconut oil?  Would love for you to share!



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