The Pearl Trend DIY


I don’t know if you have seen all of the pearl accents on purses, shoes, shirts, jeans, or whatever.  I started pricing these items, and some of them are high-end!  I thought this girl-with-hot-glue-gun can do this!IMG_3759.JPGIMG_3734.JPGIMG_3741.JPGI found these Swarovski pearls at Michael’s.

I went through my closet looking for inspiration.  I grabbed an old jean jacket, a clutch, a beret, and then some red shoes.  I decided to bedazzle the jacket and shoes.

I heated up my hot glue gun and…..

You have to be careful and not put too much glue.  You have to clean up the “strings” from the hot glue.  And I would definitely hand wash only.IMG_3752.JPG

I can’t wait to wear these two “new” wardrobe items!



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