No To Resolutions: Yes To Positive Habits

fullsizeoutput_1e60.jpegOkay!  We’ve all been there!  We start the year off with all of these goals and resolutions with a blank slate and a game plan.  You’re gung-ho!  You’re fired up!

Then after several weeks, months, or sometimes even days, your momentum slows.  Eventually, you give up.

Well, I have an idea…

In my classroom, I use the “Whole Brain Teaching” method.  It has several components, and one of them is life-changing! It is called our “Super Improver Board.” ( I got my bulletin board themes and rules here.)fullsizeoutput_1e8b.jpeg

It has levels, and each level has ten stars to attain.  After completing the ten stars, you graduate to the next level. (The child also receives a “cheer” and a trip to the treasure chest.).  At each level, you gain a new skill to achieve.

Each student has a different, individualized skill.  One student’s skill might be “waiting your turn to speak.”  Another’s might be “learning numbers 1-20.”  Each time I see improvement in the child’s skill, I give the child a star.

Basically, I am trying to make this a positive habit.  It has been highly successful in my classroom.  And, I thought..


So, let’s apply this to my adult life.  I don’t have a bulletin board but I thought “a letter board!”  (I got this one at Target for $15.)fullsizeoutput_1e5f.jpeg

My “Super Improver Board” at school has a sports theme, so I thought Rourke would like this.  So, I am sticking to this.  We will both start as “Fans.”

He will think of a skill I need improving on, and I him.  Each time we see each other improve, we will give one another a point.

After completing the skill by earning 10 points,  we will be treated to something small but nice.  (i.e.  breakfast in bed or a back rub)  A new skill is given at the next level with the ultimate goal is making it to “Living Legend.”  This could be an award of something more substantial, like a day at the spa or a new Gigi handbag.  fullsizeoutput_1e62.jpegfullsizeoutput_1e63.jpeg

So I set this up in the den on this table and am storing the numbers and letters in the drawer.fullsizeoutput_1e65.jpegfullsizeoutput_1e64.jpegfullsizeoutput_1e66.jpeg

So I cheers you to a year of self-improvement and good habits!  I will keep you updated!  Hopefully, there will be a new Gigi bag in my near future!;)fullsizeoutput_1e67.jpeg

FYI.. apparently, I use too many pots and pans when I cook, so my first skill is to not use as many and clean as I go.fullsizeoutput_1e87.jpegHere is day 4 into this!

Gigi here I come!






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