An Ankle Weight Fitness Post: Plus Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain


These are adjustable weights that I enjoy using to get a different workout.  You’re body works harder when you switch your exercise routine up.

I loved this article here on staying in shape and being lean.IMG_2545.JPG

You will start with the weights on the ankles to work the legs, glutes, inner and outer thighs, quads and hamstrings.

Start with a weight you think will challenge you.  You are going to do each exercise for 1 minute, trying to do as many as you can.  You want to struggle to make these count.  If you find you are not struggling after 1 minute, adjust either your weight, reps, or time.

Squat with Leg Lift


Squat and lift leg as you rise.  These are tough.

Curtsy Lunge with a Lift


Curtsy and lunge and lift when you rise.

Lunge and Leg Lift


Lunge deep and then lift leg when you rise.



This is your cardio.  Do a squat and do a 180 degree flip around.  If you want to add more cardio to this workout, do these in between the other exercises.  Or, you could do in between every two exercises.  Make this your workout but push yourself!

Bridge with Leg Lift


Bend on leg with foot as close to glutes as possible.  Lift opposite leg, while squeezing glutes and pushing foot into the ground.


Glute Kickbacks


Get down on all fours.  Lift leg up and then bring down and touch knee to opposite leg.

Plank Leg Lift


Do a plank and lift each leg.



Lie on your stomach and lift legs and arms.

Side Leg Lift


Here you want to lift half way for a minute. Then lift half-way to the top for a minute.  Then lift from top to bottom for a minute.IMG_2546.JPGIMG_2547.JPGIMG_2548.JPG

Arm Circles




Put weights on wrists.  Do arm circles in a forward direction for 1 minute. Then go in a backward direction for a minute.

Elbow Taps




Make and “L” shape with arms and pull elbows together.

Arm Flies


Bend your body to make a 90 degree angle.  Lift  your arms to shoulder height.

Bi-cep Curl


Lift your arms to your shoulders.

Tri-cep Challenge


Lift legs and pull arms back and hold for a minute.  Pulse after the minute if you have it in you!

Holiday Weight Prevention Tips:

In general:

Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day.

Eat off a smaller plate, making you choose smaller portions.

Only eat without distractions, (tv, computer, phone, etc.).  This will make you focus on your food enjoyment.

Take a sip of water after each bite.  Not only does this fill you up, but it makes you slow down and really savor your food.

Force  yourself to slow down when you eat.  You will feel fuller sooner.

Eat healthy carbs the first half of the day and more protein-rich foods the latter part of the day.

Eat small healthy snacks in between meals to “fuel the fire,” I like to say.

Stop eating at dark.  Your body is slowing down and doesn’t need the fuel anymore.  If you need to ingest something, make a chai tea or matcha latte.

At parties:

Hold a glass of something while mingling.  You can’t eat without two hands.

Refrain from standing around the food area.  Wait to fix a plate when you are ready to sit down and eat.

Only eat what you really want.  If you want to try something new, take a small bite.  If you don’t really like it, don’t feel obligated to finish it.

For dips, scoop a small amount on your plate.  If you stand by the dip area, you are more apt to overindulge.

If you are counting calories or want to count calories, I highly recommend this app.  It has pretty much every food, food brands, and food chains.

Happy Holidays!



Ankle Weights: Similar Ankle Weights here



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