How to Wrap a Present the “Dillard’s Way”


When Rourke and I were first married, we were still in college.
As Rourke recalls, we didn’t have a proverbial pot to p*** in!  So, for extra money,  I would wrap presents at Dillard’s during the holidays.

I loved it!  For some reason, I love wrapping presents.  It’s almost therapeutic for me.  Put a little Christmas music on, and let’s go to town!  I was wrapping with a great group of gals, and we would churn out about 100 presents an hour, EACH!

Dillard’s had or still might have eight wrapping selections that are numbered.  We would get a lot of husbands, mainly, sending in about ten presents on average with a certain number. And, we would go to work. The closer to Christmas, the busier we were.

I still instinctively wrap every gift the “Dillard’s Way.”  And, I thought I would share it with you.


You need to start with good, quality paper, tissue paper, gift boxes, stickers, ribbon, stapler, scissors, a fun trinket/tag, regular Scotch tape and double-sided tape.  And, of course, don’t forget the Christmas music.  (My favorite Pandora channel is Mariah Carey Holiday.)fullsizeoutput_1ca0.jpegfullsizeoutput_1ca1.jpegfullsizeoutput_1ca2.jpegfullsizeoutput_1ca3.jpegfullsizeoutput_1ca4.jpegfullsizeoutput_1ca5.jpegfullsizeoutput_1cac.jpeg

Let’s start with a shirt box…..fullsizeoutput_1ca6.jpeg

Open the edges and lay two sheets of tissue paper on top, making one piece higher than the other.fullsizeoutput_1ca7.jpeg

Holding the two pieces, fold the tissue in the middle to make it fit into the box.fullsizeoutput_1ca8.jpeg

Put your shirt in the box.  fullsizeoutput_1ca9.jpeg

Fold pieces of tissue together.  We would stick a Dillard’s sticker on top to keep the tissue together.  But, I found these and thought how fun to write something on them.

*A little side note here: When the kids were smaller, I would wrap the presents and put their names on them.  Well, that backfired on me, because they would shake the tar out of them.  I thought, “they are going to break the darn things.”  So, I came up with a system.  I would  put a colored dot in the bottom back corner of the present.  Each person had a color.  I would make a color key and hide in a safe place.  That way nobody knew which present was theirs!

So, I thought these stickers would have worked well with this system.  When they opened the present, they would then find out who it was from!fullsizeoutput_1caa.jpegfullsizeoutput_1cab.jpeg

Put the top over the box and tape sides with regular Scotch tape.fullsizeoutput_1cad.jpegfullsizeoutput_1caf.jpegfullsizeoutput_1cb0.jpeg

Okay for the wrapping….fullsizeoutput_1cb1.jpeg

For a shirt box, open your roll of paper.  Turn your box horizontally and lay on paper.  You want to leave approximately 2 inches on each side.  I love this paper and how it has lines for cutting.fullsizeoutput_1cb2.jpegfullsizeoutput_1cb3.jpegfullsizeoutput_1cb4.jpegfullsizeoutput_1cb5.jpeg

Pull the box about two-thirds down the paper. fullsizeoutput_1cb6

Pull the shorter end up and tape to the box with regular Scotch tape.  Now take the longer end and pull tightly over the box. Run your finger over the edge of box and fold excess underneath.

Here’s what Dillard’s called a seam-less wrapping job!fullsizeoutput_1cb7.jpegfullsizeoutput_1cb8.jpeg

Apply a piece of double-sided tape to the edge of box and press folded end on top of it.fullsizeoutput_1cba.jpegfullsizeoutput_1cbb.jpegfullsizeoutput_1cbc.jpeg

Now for the sides….fullsizeoutput_1cbd.jpeg

Tuck both sides of paper into center.fullsizeoutput_1cbe.jpegfullsizeoutput_1cbf.jpeg

Using regular Scotch tape, tape the top piece down to box.fullsizeoutput_1cc0.jpegfullsizeoutput_1cc5fullsizeoutput_1cc1.jpeg

Now put a piece of double-sided tape on the edge of bottom piece, pull up and adhere to box.


Repeat on other side.

Now flip the box over and press and run your fingers all around the sides of the box. fullsizeoutput_1cc9.jpegfullsizeoutput_1ccd.jpegfullsizeoutput_1ccc.jpegfullsizeoutput_1ccb.jpeg

Now for the ribbon and adornments….

Cut enough ribbon to wrap around the box and tie in a knot.fullsizeoutput_1cce.jpegfullsizeoutput_1ccf.jpegfullsizeoutput_1cd1.jpegfullsizeoutput_1cd2.jpeg

Tie your adornment around your knot.


Now make several loops of ribbon back and forth for the bow.  Cut off excess.  Staple in the middle.


Take a longer piece of ribbon and tie around both the knotted ribbon and the stapled ribbon.fullsizeoutput_1cdd.jpeg

Fluff the bow by pulling the loops up and out.fullsizeoutput_1cde.jpeg

You can trim you ribbon two ways. See below.



Now for a sweater box…..fullsizeoutput_1cdf.jpeg

Just like the shirt box, lay two pieces of tissue paper on top of box, one higher than the other.fullsizeoutput_1ce0.jpeg

Cinch in the middle and fold to fit in box.fullsizeoutput_1ce1.jpeg

Place sweater in the box.fullsizeoutput_1ce2.jpeg

Seal with a sticker.fullsizeoutput_1ce3.jpegfullsizeoutput_1ce4.jpeg

Put box together and tape on sides.

This time you will turn your box vertical on the paper.fullsizeoutput_1ce7.jpeg

Measure enough paper to cover top plus two-thirds more.fullsizeoutput_1ceb.jpeg

Trim one side so that the box has approximately 2 inches of paper on both sides.

Now wrap the same way as the shirt box.


And that’s the “Dillard’s Way!”

Here are the wrapping details I used:  wrapping paper//ribbon//snowflake gift tag//Please Hurry Santa gift tag

Other great wrapping papers:  Sweet Caroline Design gift wrap//Papyrus gift wrap 30% off now//Hallmark gift wrap and tags BOGO 50%




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