Paris Week: Day 4/5 (with a Fall planter box)


Bon Jour!

Today was Sunday on our trip, so we headed to Isle de la Cite, which is an island on the Seine, housing Notre Dame and much more.  We actually walked in during a mass, which was beautiful, especially hearing it in French.

There are some interesting facts about “Our Lady of Paris” here.IMG_7388.JPGIMG_7372.JPGPoint Zero.IMG_7379.JPG


We then walked around behind the cathedral to the Holocaust Museum, which was very solemn.

We headed to another beautiful church, Saint Chapelle.IMG_7389.JPGIMG_7392.JPGIMG_7390IMG_7391

We then walked to the bridge of locks.IMG_7394.JPG

And then headed to an amazing resturant on Place Dauphine, called Le Caveau du Palais.  It was a cute street with families and couples enjoying a meal al fresco with their dogs and kids.IMG_3378.JPGIMG_3374.JPGIMG_3375.JPG

I had the duck confit….TO DIE FOR!!IMG_3376.JPG

Again, Rourke is eating Italian?.….. risotto. He said it was delicious, also.IMG_7398.JPG

Next, we got on the metro and headed to the area of the city named Montmarte.  It was our warmest, prettiest day in Paris.  We, along with many others as you can see from above, were enjoying the day outside!  This church is called Sacre’ Cour.  It sits on this hilltop and can be seen from all over Paris.IMG_7401.JPG

Below is the view from the hill..IMG_7403.JPG

We walked around the streets of Montemarte, which is home to the infamous Moulin Rouge and famous painter, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.IMG_7404.JPG

I introduced Rourke to Pinterest about a year ago and wish I didn’t.  I created a monster.  He pins hourly, even during football games!  What?????

He pinned a place he wanted to eat in Montemartre called Le Consulat.  I caved and indulged him.  It was actually good, and we met an American couple that was fun to talk to, since we hadn’t in awhile.IMG_7407.JPGIMG_7405.JPG

Look how happy he is!  I am glad we stopped here now!IMG_7406.JPG

All of sudden this happened, and I have to share…it brings me back!

We then ventured further through Montemartre, exploring gardens, shops, cafes, etc.  We did not make it to the infamous Moulin Rouge, though we wanted to.  Maybe next time….

We headed back to our arrondissement in the Marais area.  It’s mostly Jewish, so most shops and restaurants stay open on Sundays.  We decided to see more of what a Sunday evening looked like in our own home base.

It was so cute and really hopping!! Lots of live music and families eating dinner outside cafes.

The next morning, we headed to the Left Bank.  We wanted to visit St. Germaine, The Orsay Museum, the Orangerie Museum, a picnic in Luxembourg Gardens and a late lunch at Cafe Varenne.  At night, we wandered to see the Eiffel and Notre Dame all lit up.  It did not disappoint.IMG_7506.JPG


I was allowed a fifteen minute pitstop to see what Le Bon Marche was all about.  It’s their version of Neiman Marcus, soooo fine in there!IMG_7412



Oh look-ee-there, another Italian dish Rourke is digesting in FRANCE!IMG_3396.JPG



Fall Planter Box:

Now for that fall planter I promised.. Planters were a household staple outside most windowsills.  I loved looking at all the different variations.  I thought I would make one for my planter that would withstand the winter months as well…..IMG_1324.JPG

Here’s what you need, besides a planter box.IMG_1317IMG_1318IMG_1319IMG_1320

Potting mix, a liner, and these plants:  dusty miller, violas, rosemary, Swiss chard, sweet potato vine and cyclamen.  All will withstand harsh cold temps, except potato vine, but it does come back most springs for me.  You can eat rosemary and Swiss chard, too!IMG_1321.JPG

Put liner into container.  I had to play with mine to make it fit.  This was the largest one they had a Home Depot.  IMG_1322.JPG

Fill with dirt 3/4’s the way.IMG_1323.JPG

Arrange the plants the way you would like.  I put the rosemary in the middle for some height, then the cyclamen on either side.  I put the Swiss chard in the far left and far right back, because this will grow taller.  I put the smaller violas and dusty miller in the front with the sweet potato vine sort draping out of the front.  It’s a crawler.

Top with dirt. Feed every two weeks.  Water every other day.



Au Revoir,


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