DIY Cheese Board No. 1


I wanted a new marble cheese board like you see in design stores and on blogs.  But, I couldn’t justify the price.  So, while in Home Depot buying mosquito repellent, I passed by the flooring area.  I saw this big piece of porcelain tile to the tune of $4.96!  Yes that’s all ya’ll!  It looks and feels just like marble.  It is pretty heavy and measures 12×24 inches.

I immediately headed to the aisle with all the knick-knacks and grabbed some adhesive furniture slider circles.

I rushed home just giddy about this easy DIY project, and my new cheeseboard!


All I did was flip the tile over and peel off the stickers, placing the circles in the four corners.  It was that easy!


So proud of myself!



tile,adhesive slider circles

FYINeiman Marcus and Nordstrom’s  is having their Beauty Event now.  It’s a time to stock up and get a free tote full of samples!

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