DIY Cocktail Napkins



For my post on my One Month Anniversary Bar Cart, I wanted some fun napkins, and some that said “Yay!”  I didn’t have time to custom-order them, so I went the DIY route.  I purchased a gold ink pad and stamp at Hobby Lobby and got some pink cocktail napkins at Party City.


This is so simple to do.  You just open the stamp pad and press your stamp on it until it is fully covered with the colored ink. IMG_8794.JPGIMG_8795.JPGThen you firmly press the stamp in the middle of your cocktail napkin.IMG_8796.JPG

And, voila, you have yourself a DIY cocktail napkin.  Think of the colors and possibilities!IMG_8797.JPGIMG_8798.JPGIMG_8800.JPGIMG_8805.JPGThey take about one minute to dry.  Make sure to place your stamp on several baby wipes to clean.IMG_8803.JPG

I can’t wait to try different variations of colored napkins and colored ink!



Craft details: gold ink pad,YAY stamp,cocktail napkins




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